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    Solved Thread moved triggers an error

    The error is the following: When a thread is moved to other forum with a 1-day redirect. The operation is stopped so the thread isn't moved. The error happens even when the addon is disabled.
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    Solved Short title not working

    Thanks. What about if I don't want to use a medium title (actually I don't want to display the board name if the thread title is longer than 40 characters)
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    Solved Short title not working

    Then how can I remove the board title in the case of thread titles with more than 40 characters?
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    Solved Short title not working

    Check bedding... as an example. The thread title is short but the addon doesn't add the board title as per the settings: I also don't see any field in that setting page to modify the short title, which will be beneficial
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    Solved twitter:card is empty

    After installing the addon the twitter:card meta tag is empty. You can check it here: The setting is the following: and it also happens when Summary card with large image is selected too. As soon as I disable the addon...
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