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Highly recommended! Excellent, easy to use mod that takes the guesswork (and code) out of adding your own custom prefixes. In addition, the developers are VERY responsive to support requests and bugs have been addressed in a quick and timely manner. Well done!
This addon is really great for finally finding a solution to inactive users when there are too many of them, which is the case on my forum. I've done multiple tests and everything works perfectly. I am also very grateful to CRUEL-MODZ for solving my technical problem (Conflict with "Content Ratings" addon) immediately in the evening, it's very nice, it was a great help to me. And now, The update works like a thunder fire !
With this addon, you can request unlimited likes (of your choice) in the same subject, that's the strong point!
We can of course also ask for a mandatory response in the thread. For me, this is something very important and I recommend this addon to all administrators like me who have users showing bad will.
On the admin panel, everything is very clear and understandable.
You can disable options if you wish.
The price is suitable, don't hesitate!
Thanks a lot Cruel-Modz. :)
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