Add-on [Xen-Soluce] Trophy Improvements 2.0.1

[Xen-Soluce] Trophy Improvements
This add-on allows you to extends the trophy criteria system.

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any idea if [Xen-Soluce] 'Trophy Improvements' would work ok with [XFA] 'Trophies Enhancement'?

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I don't know, I'll have to test it this weekend ;)

🙂👍Sweet as mate.

Oh and I just wanted to mention, please don't feel any pressure from me at all.
😄I'm in no rush.
I've no clue what's involved with add-on development but if it's anything like the mind boggling template coding stuff, then I'd imagine add-on development is incredibly complex and requires significant & sustained cognitive focus.

From my non-computery pov, it is truly astonishing that anyone can actually do this computery stuff.

😄 Basically this is me just trying to express my respect for you and these amazing things you can create.

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