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    Suggestion Compatibility with User Upgrade Duration

    User gets this message when trying to renew an active subscription. I suggest adding the option that allows users to select the duration.
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    Solved Can't upgrade user manually

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    Implemented Improve user criteria

    This change to count upgrades from all the selected user upgrades combined instead of counting from each one. It is still possible to count from specific user upgrades by selecting only one from the list. User has at least X active user upgrades in one of the selected packages -> User has at...
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    Solved Purchased upgrades issue

    Purchased upgrades get counted twice on account upgrade.
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    Implemented Prevent logging upgrade count in the user change log

    As the title says.
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    Not planned Rebuild purchased upgrades

    The "Count subscriptions Manually" option don't count upgrades purchased before enabling it. I suggest adding a rebuild for purchased upgrades count.
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    Implemented User criteria for purchased upgrades

    This criteria targets users who have purchased a specific user upgrades, this criteria should work regardless the user has an active/expired upgrade.
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    Implemented User criteria for payment profiles

    I suggest adding user criteria for payment profiles.
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    Implemented Phrases change

    Expired update list->Expired upgrades List of active updates->Active upgrades A typo Manua upgrade->Manual upgrade
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    Implemented Remove expired update list icon

    I suggest removing the expired update list icon from navigation if the user has an active user upgrades.
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    Solved User criteria issue

    User has active user upgrades works if the user has no active user upgrades and User has no active user upgrades works if the user has active user upgrades.
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    Implemented Extend user criteria for user upgrades

    I suggest adding the following user criteria. User has active user upgrades User has no active user upgrades User has a user upgrade expiring within the next X days User has at least X expired user upgrades User has no more than X expired user upgrades User has at least X active user upgrades...
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    Support It says "total update buy"

    Where can i modify this? it's wrong
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    Solved 645 Error message

    [E_NOTICE] Trying to get property 'xs_uup_alert_time_active' of non-object 2 minutes ago src/addons/XenSoluce/UserUpgradePro/Repository/ExpiringUserUpgrade.php:45 My error logs is flooded with this error and expired doesn't give alert or email or anything

    [Xen-Soluce] User Upgrade Pro 2.0.5 Fix 1

    This add-on allow you to let users renew their upgrades before it expired, send email/conversation with notice once expired asking them to renew and more.
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