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Sep 20, 2019
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Hello there,
I want to make a suggestion here, (i'm waiting already for my first).
My suggestion is simple, Batch update Index/follow etc on selected threads so we don't have to do this 1 by 1. This idea comes from 1 node where i have many threads i don't want to show on google. Doing this 1 by 1 is very hard.

I purchased the addon recently and still i'm in testing step ;)
Hello, you mean batch update for threads via selected nodes ? An update is planned for your first suggestion !

Regards, SyTry
Yeah that i mean ;)
I assume will be available for resources also ;)
I assume will be available for resources also ;)
Yes, I'll add the "Batch Update" for the following areas :
  • Threads
  • Media/albums
  • Resource
Hello, this is now implemented in the next version : 2.3.0. Here is a simple screenshot :

Thank you for your suggestion ! :)

Regards, SyTry
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