Implemented "Hide comment" unlimited in the same thread (as for likes) + 1 or 2 variants for Hide BB Code


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Dec 9, 2020
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After talking privately with Cruel-Modz, here is my suggestion for 1 new option and its 2 variations for the add-on Hide BB Code.

On some forums there is the possibility of posting a comment directly below the content. With Xenforo, this is possible thanks to 2 addons: "Post comments" (by Ozzy47) and "Post Reply" (by trunonglv). Personally I use "Post comments" and I therefore have a "Comment" button in addition to the "Reply" button for the classic reply. Currently, we therefore have the Hide reply option and its variants. The problem is that once a user has responded to content hidden in a thread, if the same author of thread demands a reply again, the user in question will not be required to leave a new reply, he's cushty, he's cozy, he has no obligation to post a new reply. The only unlimited requirement of a contributor in a thread for the same user is likes, not replies and that's a shame. :confused:
With this new option, it would be possible to solve the problem by requesting a comment each time the author of the thread requests it for its hidden content, so in the same thread and even if it is the same user who responds, regardless of the number of hidden contents in the same thread, this would be unlimited. It would be GREAT !!! :D And what would also be great is if there was also the variant “Hide reaction and comment” :) and why not also “Hide reaction or comment”.

So take a look here and you will find the addon I use for comments :

If anyone has a better idea, I'll take it. This would be an undeniable plus for your addon, many contributors are frustrated by the lack of messages in return for their contributions, this is the case on my forum.

Thank you for your attention, thanks for all. (y)

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Hello, this was implemented here :

Regards, SyTry
Hello, thanks a lot to Cruel-Modz for the work done !! :D (y)(y)(y)(y) I'm going to test "Hide comment". :)
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