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    Solved [Liam W.] Conversation Folders | Issue with folders

    Hello, I can see my own folders but moderators not even if I correctly set permissions. Is this normal? My view: Moderator's view: Options: Permissions: Permission for specific user: They can see the button "move" which is on the top of the conversations but when they try to...
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    Solved Auto file RegEx and Auto File Weight

    Hi! What exactly does "Auto file RegEx" mean. Is there an example of how to use this so I can understand? Also, does the "Auto File Weight" mean the number of replies?
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    Solved Error logged but move action seems to complete

    When clicking move message to a folder when viewing the message it logs a server error. It still seems to move the message. Note this is not when selecting the messages from a list and then moving them but when using move when in a message. InvalidArgumentException: Accessed unknown getter...
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