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    Implemented Folders and Account Upgrades

    Looks like if you allow a user group (promoted by an account upgrade) to create 10 folders for example, (instead of the default set a 5 folders), when the account upgrade expires and they are no longer in that user group, they still have the 10 folders. If they delete a folder, they would have...
  2. M

    Solved When use autosubmit it trow this error and do nothing (XF 2.2.0)

    ErrorException: Template error: Macro public:thread_view:thread_custom_fields_status is unknown src/XF/Template/Templater.php:631 Generato da: Tazzina 1 Ott 2020 alle 08:06 Analisi dello stack #0 [internal function]: XF\Template\Templater->handleTemplateError(512, 'Macro public:th...'...
  3. M

    Suggestion Specify auto-move destination to macro

    I would like to see a configurable field on macro where you can specify the the destination topic to move the thread when you execute the macro, is usefull to move the completed stuff to another folder
  4. C

    Solved After auto-submitting, it doesn't move

    After the macro is inserted, and auto-submitted on global macros, it doesn't move to anywhere. I don't even get a prompt asking me where I want to move it.
  5. C

    Implemented Add a label to thread

    Another suggestion here. How about adding a label automatically to the thread when using a macro. Preferably preset, when creating a global macro, setting it to move to a specified category and giving it a label predefined.
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    Solved Error on upgrade

    Look at the picture. This is the errors I'm getting after upgrading from 5.1.5 to 5.1.6
  7. C

    Solved Support for variables in global macros

    The title is pretty self explanitory. Is there support for variables like thread author on global macros? I can't seem to get it working.
  8. T

    Implemented Filters

    Filters only seem to work for the inbox. Can it be made to also work for the other folders too?
  9. C

    Implemented Auto submit for global macros

    It would be awesome if you could add support for auto-submit for global macros! :)
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    Implemented Auto move to sub-forum after post

    Is there any chance you could also make it move the thread after submitted macro? I'm running an application system on the forums, and they either get approved or denied. I've used an add-on that automatically moves them to their respective sub-forum when the prefix is edited. Would love to see...
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    Implemented Folder Order/Sorting

    Hi, Is it possible to either have the folders auto sort alphabetically or allow the option to set it's order when creating it EX: I have the following. (no folder) Test 1 Test 2 Test 3 When I rename Test 3 to Apple, it would go to the top like this (no folder) Apple Test 1 Test 2 Thanks!
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    Solved Cannot Edit Folder Name

    Hi, I tried to edit a folder name and got an error. I am able to delete it though. Thx
  13. D

    Solved Display Visitor Attachments server error log

    about 400 errors per day Stack trace #0 [internal function]: XenSoluce\DisplayVisitorAttachments\XF\BbCode\Renderer\Html->renderTagAttach() #1 src/XF/BbCode/Renderer/Html.php(295): call_user_func() #2 src/addons/KL/EditorManager/XF/BbCode/Renderer/EditorManager.php(110)...
  14. SyTry

    Add-on [Xen-Soluce] Display Visitor Attachments

    A new product by SyTry is available: [Xen-Soluce] Display Visitor Attachments 2.0.0 - This add-on allow you to let the guest usergroup to view attachments. [Xen-Soluce] Display Visitor Attachments 2.0.0 Description Description : This add-on allow you to let the guest usergroup to view...
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