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[Liam W.] Thread Solutions 2.5.0

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Description :
  • This add-on allows your users to mark a thread as 'solved' by choosing a post as a solution. These posts are given markup, to make them more obvious, and a link at the top of the thread allows the user to be taken directly to the solution.
  • Multiple solutions per thread are allowed, allowing more than one person to be appreciated for giving a resolving answer.
  • This add-on is under the MIT license.
Feature summary :
  • Options : //TODO
Branding :
  • This add-on does not include branding.
Installation :
  • Download and unzip it.
  • Copy the src/addons/LiamW/ThreadSolutions directory to your server.
  • From the AdminCP install the add-on.
Note :
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Latest updates

  1. Update 2.5.0

    Changed : N/A Added : Now you can convert solutions from this add-on to solutions by XenForo...
  2. 2.4.3 Fix 1

    Note : - Bug fixes : The JS file was missing from the downloads.

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