credit system

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    Suggestion Display a message if the user doesn't have enough credits

    I suggest adding a message explaining to the user how many credits need to perform an action. If the user doesn't have permission to reply. If the user doesn't have permission to view threads by others. If the user doesn't have permission to view threads by others or create a new thread.
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    Suggestion Add post link to the overlay window

    I suggest adding the post link instead of the thread link so user gets redirected to the post that earned credits.
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    Support User credits are incorrectly updated upon thread delete/exclude

    Thread event: Steps to reproduce soft deleted threads issue Don't tick "Exclude soft-deleted threads" option Create a thread Soft delete the thread Undelete the thread User credits will be increased Steps to reproduce "Exclude thread IDs" option issue Create a thread Exclude thread ID you've...
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    Support Thread didn't get counted after removing from excluded thread IDs

    If the thread ID is removed from excluded thread IDs, it didn't get counted again. Also, "There are no transactions to display." message is missing if there are no transactions. This problem happens only after excluding thread ID. It should display "There are no transactions to display."
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    Implemented Improve widget style

    It would be nice if changed the style of the richest users widget to be like Most threads in members page. No need to display the user title, font size is too large.
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    Not a bug User credits didn't get charged when purchasing items

    User credits get charged and added again when purchasing an item through the shop add-on.
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    Implemented Display of all user transactions

    When clicking the continue button in the overlay window, it redirects me to my transactions page instead of user transactions. It should redirect to pagination page with user transactions. Page URL credits/transactions/
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    Implemented Add style property to disable the credits tooltip

    I suggest adding style property to disable the credits tooltip.
  9. B

    Solved Search function in list users credit isn't working

    As the title says.
  10. B

    Solved [DBTech] Shop trading issue

    User credits didn't get charged when trading points with another user.
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    Implemented Exclude content older than a certain date

    It would be a great addition to have an option to exclude content older than a certain date when rebuilding credits. This option should be added to events because the threads that excluded when rebuilding credits will be counted once it is moved to another forum.
  12. B

    Solved Weird issue when modifying user credits

    When modifying a user credits and xf_xs_cs_event_credit table is empty (after a clean install), a new item gets inserted like in screenshot. If modified user credits again, no item will be inserted!
  13. B

    Not planned Rebuild user credit

    I suggest adding a rebuild option for total user credit that stored in xf_user table. It will be useful in case you want to import any of the following tables after a clean install of the add-on. So it will just update xs_cs_user_credit column for all users based on stored data in the tables...
  14. B

    Not planned About other add-on events

    There's no point in adding the add-on's creator name to the event name or even an abbreviation of the add-on name such as [XC-FB]. It is incomprehensible to the front-end user. Tooltip and sidebar widget [XC-FB] Positive->Positive Feedback [XC-FB] Neutral->Neutral Feedback [XC-FB]...
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    Solved Exchange rate option is missing

    As the title says.
  16. NikitOS

    Solved Bugs, bugs again, everywhere...

    Hello Many bugs again. #1: Invalid payment provider class specified during installation. \XenSoluce\CreditSystem\Setup :: installStep2: public function installStep2(array $stepParams = []) { $db = $this->db(); $db->query('INSERT INTO `xf_payment_provider`(`provider_id`...
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    Solved Payment profile name is missing

    As the title says.
  18. B

    Solved Payment profile didn't get deleted on uninstall

    When reinstalling the add-on I get this error because the payment profile is still stored in the xf_payment_provider table even after uninstalling the add-on.
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    Implemented Hide disabled/uninstalled add-ons

    I suggest hiding disabled/uninstalled add-ons from the event list and sidebar widget.
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    Implemented View transactions page permission

    The transactions page is currently accessible to all visitors including guests, so I suggest adding new permission for who can view this page.
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